Sunday, October 15, 2017

25th Anniversary Trip to Castle Lacrosse

Bonnie and I decided to give ourselves a getaway to a great bed and breakfast in Lacrosse as a present for our anniversary on September 5th. We weren't able to get away or book a room at this popular spot until October 12-15. Yes, it rained all four days, though it stopped Sunday morning for the drive home. We had a wonderful time anyway. It's about 150 miles from us by the back roads we prefer.

It's the grandest house we have ever stayed in. The hosts are delightful, full of conversation and stories. The chef was training in a French cooling school in Texas! It was built in 1891 by a timber baron who died before he could move in. His widow lived there until she sold it to the church, which used it for clergy for 50 years. We were in the Bishop's Bedroom. it opened as a B&B in May.

The house if full of antiques, decorative woodwork and decorated in exquisite taste, which even a plebeian like me could figure out.

Thursday and Friday nights we had dinner at the Waterfront Tavern and Restaurant (an anniversary gift from a friend). We sat outside on the Mississippi the first night--there were heaters. The food was excellent.

On Friday, we took a river cruise on the Lacrosse Queen, a paddle wheeler.

We saw three bald Eagles.

Saturday we went to the Historic Downtown Day, fun despite the rain. There was a chili cooikoff--no lunch needed. There was a great book shop and we enjoyed the Pearl Street Banjo Band.

And there was a lovely garden on the riverfront.

We were so full of chili we just snacked Saturday night. color was not quite peak, as they have had so much rain, but was nice both there and on the drives book ways.

We couldn't recommend the Castle Lacrosse more. we will go back.

~Bob & Bonnie

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kneeling player cut

Gyree Durante Cut by Albright College After Kneeling During National Anthem
OK, so the college football team does a big internal debate, and decide to kneel during the coin toss as an expression of concern, but stand during the anthem. One guy decides that he's just too special, too dedicated, too socially aware/upset, and kneels during the anthem anyhow. So the school cuts him from the team. BRAVO!!! About damn time somebody said enough is enough, and this young man was incredibly arrogant and stupid. I hope this really messes up things for him in lots of ways, and maybe he figures out it wasn't a smart move. And at least others figure out that there's limits on the crap they can pull. --Del


Texas State University Looking to Hire Math Education Professors Committed to 'Social Justice'
Because, you know, the numbers have to give them the social justice answer they want, regardless. Like funding single payer...~Bob

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Mass Murder


Hillary Clinton on Tuesday broke her silence on the sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood producer and Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein, saying such behavior "cannot be tolerated.”
Excepr from Bill. ~Bob

Monday, October 9, 2017


ESPN suspends anti-Trump anchor for attacking president, Dallas Cowboys

Remember 732

Battle of Tours 732

Saturday, October 10, is the anniversary of the Battle of Tours (or Poitiers) in 732, in which Charles Martel (The Hammer and supposedly an ancestor) and his brave, outnumbe5ed Frankish warriors turned back the first Muslim crusade to conquer Europe and eliminate Christendom.
Excerpt: The Battle of Tours (often called the Battle of Poitiers, but not to be confused with the Battle of Poitiers, 1356) was fought on October 10, 732 between forces under the Frankish leader Charles Martel and a massive invading Islamic army led by Emir Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi Abd al Rahman, near the city of Tours, France. During the battle, the Franks defeated the Islamic army and Emir Abd er Rahman was killed. This battle stopped the northward advance of Islam from the Iberian peninsula, and is considered by most historians to be of macrohistorical importance, in that it halted the Islamic conquests, and preserved Christianity as the controlling faith in Europe, during a period in which Islam was overrunning the remains of the old Roman and Persian Empires.


California: No Longer A Felony To Knowingly Expose Others To HIV. California Democrats don't want to treat people with HIV "as criminals."
Every time I think they've done everything crazy possible, the CA politicians do another "you can't make this crap up" thing. So... knowingly exposing others to a deadly disease and contributing contaminated blood that might infect total innocents is now a misdemeanor? Which means nothing remotely bad can really happen to you, maybe a warning or a fine at most. Telling people with a deadly infectious condition that they must tell others about it before doing anything that could pass on the infection is not just reasonable, it's insanely unreasonable for the potential victims of such irresponsible and terribly dangerous behavior. That's not treating the infected person like a criminal, it's treating them as the danger they can be. Human beings have practiced quarantine for millenia, to protect others, and that's not about being nasty to the infected people, it's about being considerate of those not infected. I really, really wonder how long California can go on being nuttier by the month before there's some very serious consequences. --Del "Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity." -- Frank Leahy


US and Turkey suspend bilateral non-immigrant visa services
TURKEY: Officials have suspended issuing visas to U.S. citizens traveling to Turkey. The drastic action occurred after the United States suspended consular services at its Ankara embassy following the arrest of a U.S. consulate employee, who is charged with aiding terrorists—the same charges leveled at American pastor Andrew Brunson and thousands of others under emergency law in effect since last year. The action could affect not only travel to Turkey and tourism, but refugee resettlement and relief work in all parts of the Middle East, with Istanbul a major air transit hub. With so significant a rupture between NATO members, and Turkey last month signing an arms deal with Russia, the silence from the NATO alliance is deafening. -Mindy Belz, Globe Trot (This free e-newsletter is well worth reading. ~Bob)

Good Tee Shirt


Scary: Ignorant Americans congratulate N. Korea on bomb


Exclusive: 22 Rohingyas posing as refugees arrested in Bangladesh for alleged role in massacre of Rohingya Hindus


B.C. mosque removes link to anti-Semitic website following questions

NFL Sponsors phone numbers--call them

Grammar Nazis

In California: Use the wrong pronoun, go to jail
Excerpt: In the state of California, calling someone a Grammar Nazi is now closer to being a statement of fact. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill last Thursday which makes it a crime for you to “willfully and repeatedly” use the wrong pronoun, possibly resulting in a $1,000 fine or a year in prison. Currently, the law only applies to nursing homes and long-term care facilities, but, as is always the case with laws, this is only the beginning.

the NFL

The NFL: Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster resigned Monday after video surfaced Sunday night appearing to show him snorting cocaine.

yup, she said it

Drugs--not verified


Yes, the Bubbas Can Beat Uncle Sam
Excerpt: Sometimes people put Schermer’s argument more baldly. They ask something like this: “Do you really think Bubba in camo gear hiding in the forest is going to take on the U.S. military? The U.S. military has nuclear weapons!” Who exactly do you think has stymied the U.S. in Afghanistan for 16 years? The Taliban is made up of Afghan Bubbas. The Taliban doesn’t need to defeat nuclear weapons, though they are humiliating a nuclear power for the second time in history. They use a mix of Kalashnikovs and WWII-era bolt-action rifles. Determined insurgencies are really difficult to fight, even if they are only armed with Enfield rifles and you can target them with a TOW missiles system that can spot a cat in the dark from two miles away. In Iraq, expensive tanks were destroyed with simple improvised explosives.

ISIS giving up?

ISIS Fighters, Having Pledged to Fight or Die, Surrender en Masse
Mass surrenders now, and of course they were all cooks,clerks, never killed anyone. Personally, I'd say that the safest course of action is to execute every one of them. Heartless? No, just unwilling to give an atom of belief in anything they say or their promise to have given up on fanatic Islam. OK, don't kill them? Then they each lose one hand, to mark them permanently. In that part of the world, mercy is weakness and bites you in the butt every time. --Del. yup. ~Bob

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Excerpt: A 10-year-old girl was assaulted by her classmates and the home of a family was daubed with racist graffiti in two Paris-area incidents deemed antisemitic. The alleged assault was reported to France’s ministry of education by the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism, or BNVCA, the watchdog group wrote in a statement on its website Tuesday. Separately, the same group reported that unidentified individuals on Wednesday wrote antisemitic slogans on the side of a home belonging to Jewish family in the eastern suburb of Noisy le Grand.


Mali Church leader voices alarm as Islamists attack parishes
Excerpt: Catholic leaders in Mali have warned that parishes face a growing assault by Islamic militants despite attempts to enforce a peace deal in the north African country. “Our churches and chapels are now being targeted by extremists, who’ve told Christians not to gather to pray,” said Mgr Edmond Dembele, secretary-general of the Malian bishops’ conference.

Too late

The former 49ers quarterback said on Sunday he will stand during the national anthem if he can play football in the NFL again.
I sent my Patriots shirt back to them this week, but used a magic marker to cross out "Patriots" and scrawl "USA" and "USMC" so no one there would wear it. ~Bob

The Red Pill

Liberals sick of the alt-left are taking 'the red pill.' By Elizabeth Ames
Excerpt: The mainstream media failed to see the rise of Donald Trump in 2016. Now it’s overlooking another grassroots movement that may soon be of equal significance— the growing number of liberals “taking the red pill.” People of all ages and ethnicities are posting YouTube videos describing “red pill moments”—personal awakenings that have caused them to reject leftist narratives imbibed since childhood from friends, teachers, and the news and entertainment media. You might say that those who take the red pill have been “triggered.” But instead of seeking out “safe spaces,” they’re doing the opposite, posting monologues throwing off the shackles of political correctness. Their videos can feature the kind of subversiveness that was once a hallmark of the left—before the movement lost its sense of humor. (I have been hoping and waiting for this for a long time now. I kept thinking the only good thing about extreme PC crap and vitriolic, really stupid acts by the Far Left was that eventually it would have to start causing those with operating brains and real ideals to react against it. Apparently it's happening, and we can only hope it spreads. --Del)

Cassie Jaye: Why I Stopped Being a Feminist

Cassie Jaye: Why I Stopped Being a Feminist
A truly impressive and admirable young woman, who really grasps the concept of working at objectivity, honesty, reality (as close as we can get to it.). She's been attacked now by the hyperfeminists for being a gender traitor, or something like it. --Del

Saturday, October 7, 2017


FedEx and The Vietnam War 

Great graduation speach

The Most Inspiring Speech: The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life - Rick Rigsby

Stop the Leftist Hate!

Causes of Death

Friday, October 6, 2017

Country Music

CNN Reporter: Country Music Fans Are Likely Trump Supporters [VIDEO]


France: Paris imam chants verse encouraging attacks on Christians
Excerpt: In France, an imam leading Friday prayers for several hundred Muslims on the street in front of a town hall at Clichy, in Paris, chanted the words from the Quran (9:36) urging jihad against non-Muslims: "Fight the infidels without exception, as they fight you without exception, and know that Allah is with the pious."

BLM vs. liberalism

BLM Shuts Down ACLU Free Speech Rally Because 'Liberalism Is White Supremacy'
You can use the link if you want the whole story. Which is simple, a bunch of BLM kids totally disrupted the presentation on the First Amendment by an ACLU lawyer. The magnificent irony of this is a record breaker. Simply because the speaker, who was a female Hispanic, not White, is a member of the ACLU, which has defended on occasion KKK and Nazi freedom of speech, was enough to bring on the wonderfully arrogant intolerance of a bunch of kids who don't understand that the only reason they can do any of this is because of the First Amendment. And people wonder why the BLM movement is not gaining a lot of support from middle class people of any color. If they keep this up they will become like the KKK they hate, a minority bunch that no one wants to hear from anymore. --Del